Welcome to TT Blades Database
The database of Table Tennis blades compositions.

After 3 years of inactivity on this site due to a lack of time, I am pleased to announce that I am able to take care of this database again.

Quite a lot of work done and to come.
- conversion of database tables and web pages to UTF-8.
- modification of the menu and layout of some sections to improve the visibility of the site on the screens of smartphones and tablets.
- to do : updates to the numerous proposals for blades additions (about 200).
- I have received many emails, I will try to answer as many as I can, but I apologize if you do not receive a response to yours.

Thank you for all your messages of congratulations and encouragement!
The admin, Yann.

The last added blades:
- Donic Crest ALL+
- Donic Crest OFF
- Neottec Amagi ALL+
- Neottec Amagi OFF-
- Neottec Kanji DEF
- Neottec Gamma Seven
- Neottec Revolution
- Neottec Magic Control
- Neottec Balsa Carbon
- Neottec Gamma ALL+
- Neottec Voodoo Classic
- Friendship A-2
- Butterfly Kenta Matsudaira ALC
- Stiga Offensive Wood (1975-1977)
- Andro Core 7 OFF
- Andro Core 7 OFF+
- SpinLord Ultra Aramid
- SpinLord Ultra Power
- SpinLord Ultra Carbon Def
- Nittaku Goriki Super Drive
- Xiom Vega Euro
- Friendship V-6
- Huaruite Clipper Wood (2091)
- Galaxy/Milkyway/Yinhe Galaxy Earth E-3
- Alsér Allround 5